Attentive mochi

"Mino Hatsushimo" from Gifu Prefecture 100% rice flour

Gifu Prefecture is a place surrounded by rich nature, from the Hida region where the Japanese Alps are connected to the Mino region rich in water of Kiso Mikawa. "Mino Hatsushimo" is made in the Mino region in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture.

The rich and pure water of the Kiso River, Nagara River and Ibigawa flowing through Gifu Prefecture and the excellent paddy field made of the fertile soil of the Nobi Plain create the taste of "Mino Hatsumo".

Origin of that name was named "Hatsumo" because it is harvested at the time "the first frost falls" from late October to early November.

The size of the grain is large enough to contest the 1st and 2nd place among rice varieties nationwide.

It is a sticky and easy-to-taste taste, and in the Tokai and Kansai regions, it has been popular as a sushi rice since long ago. It is rice which has a stable taste throughout the year, excellent appearance and crispness, and high taste rating

Attention to sauce

Soy sauce with Nishi River's underflow water charge

Since its foundation in 1951, we have built underground water of Nagaragawa River, we are building cedar casks with true heart in traditional Mino Miso and Tamari soy sauce in natural climate.

Under the faithfulness that the real thing is good, it is the taste of the professional who has been cultivated by many chefs.

Through dumplings, we will deliver the spirit of Kuran, who wants to convey the taste of this tradition with excitement.