As conceded products to Nobunaga Oda that claim the world cloth Takeshi than Gifu, to "Dojo Hachiya persimmon" which is made in the Gifu Prefecture Minokamo was not examined all the material in Gifu in I would like to more sublime Ayu confectionery I met.

"Dojo Hachiya persimmon" has a history of thousands of years.
Court (emperor) and the Shogun is (Minamoto no Yoritomo, Nobunaga Oda, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Hideyoshi Toyotomi) best of persimmon, which has been presented to.

Fei Ayu also, Gifu confection that mimics the Ayu of conceded goods to be taken in the subsequent Nagara River Ukai more than 1300 years.

Under the cooperation of "Minokamo Dojo Hachiya persimmons brand-building business executive committee", and finished baked wraps both advantages and historical depth of.
Is also the birth of the historic confection prettily as "Dojo Hachiya persimmon flight Ayu" Gifu new conceded products.


Gifu Prefecture Minokamo.
Finest quality goods that have been handed down from ancient times also of more than 1,000 years in this area is the "Dojo Hachiya persimmon".

Approximately in the center, Minokamo is located in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture of Japan. Nobi Plain is in a place that is in contact with the mountains of Hida back Mino, has formed the core city of the medium density area. While the manufacturing sector is thriving, Minokamo, which is also known as a scenic spot that is representative in Hida Kiso River National Park. The rich natural to change the look for each season, we have to entertain the visitors from antiquity.

In the past, Mino country has become the cornerstone of transportation to connect the world to the east and west, has prospered as a post town Ota inn Nakasendo. In addition, this land is also the birthplace of the novelist-Tsubouchi Tsubouchi who was active in the Meiji era, it has been left a lot, such as stone monument and materials.

In the city of Hachiya elementary school, Shoyo has been handed down to sing the school song was lyricist. That is to work there as "a long time ago to the renowned emperor's meal both will paint persimmon Kumoi Hachiya Hachiya Hachiya Hachiya of Chitose" and let suggesting that Tsubouchi was also thinking of the Hachiya persimmon hometown.

Such a nature and history fostered's specialty products are made in Minokamo Hachiya-cho whole area "Dojo Hachiya persimmon". This is the persimmon varieties that Dojo Hachiya that Hachiya the town is proud of, says the thing that was processed into dried persimmon by the tradition of trick. By the way, The Dojo, refers to the former family-court official, such as aristocrats, which was allowed to rise to the place of the Emperor of everyday life.

Since ancient times, from the fact that dried persimmon made in this area it has been presented to the court and the shogunate, are thought to have come to be called "Dojo Hachiya persimmon". Minokamo is a lot of sunny days even in winter, because the down blows dry wind that sends down the snow in the back Mino, is the perfect climate to'll dried persimmons that were harvested in the fall. Precisely because gradually To moisture in the north wind is pulled out, the finest dried persimmon is completed ....
In other words, "Dojo Hachiya persimmon" is of what a specialty there climate of Minokamo.


With a history of thousands of years. Court (emperor) and the Shogun (Minamoto no Yoritomo, Nobunaga Oda, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Hideyoshi Toyotomi) has been presented to.
It was called the king of dried persimmons to be transmitted from the Heian period. 1904, Kinpai won in St. Louis World Exposition.
March 2007, for the first time certification in Gifu Prefecture to the "Ark of Taste" that Slow Food Association with headquarters in Italy is certified.
Ark of taste ※ is also referred to as the food world heritage of